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With the advent of Technology things have changed a lot. The way , business is transacted has also undergone many changes in all the fields .
One such agent of change has been the CARD TECHNOLOGY.  Today cards have been introduced in various fields for performing  different jobs ,
which were never thought off in past or were not necessary.  One such area where card technology is gaining prominence is HOSPITALS and MEDICAL SECTORS.
 There are various reasons because of which card technology is being introduced in this field , listed below are some of them.

  1. Cards / Smart cards are used to uniqly identify the person and provide affordable medical services to those who are entitled for such services.
  2. Easy to maintain the records and history of patient at hospitals.
  3.  Same card can be used at different facilities within and integrated campus.
  4.  Cards can used as E-Purse to pruchase different services thus providing cashless transactions at different couters..
  5. . With advanced cards its possible to maintain previous history of patients on the cards , so that the cards can be easily carried and accessed at      different locations.
  6.  Data integrity and privacy can be maintained and tempering of data is reduced to minimum as passwords can be implemented.
  7. No need to carry case papers and files as all data is available on online and can be accessed using the card.
  8. Also card can serve as providers of information about patients allergy / limitations towards certain drugs etc.
  9. For hospitals cards can be USP as the card solutions provides uniqe identity to each patient and also enhance the visibility of the hospitals.
In cases where free camps are organised the card holders can be availed a preferred treatments.